Congratulations to Alan Goodwin

September 2nd, 2016 • Press Release


Alan reached the 6,000 foot summit of Mt Katahdin in Maine today completing his 2,190 mile thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail (AT). Alan started on Springer Mountain in Northern Georgia on April 4, 2016 and completed his journey to Northern Maine on September 1st. Being a “numbers guy”, that’s 150 days or an average of nearly 15 miles per day. Full disclosure: the numbers are materially fairly presented and exclusive of days Alan needed to leave the trail for weddings as well as “zero days” and “nero days”.

We at Melanson applaud you and have had an absolute blast following your journey. As the Partner at our firm who works most closely with you, I want to personally congratulate you on your accomplishment and offer my sincere thanks:

  • Thank you for the nearly five months of notice prior to starting your leave.
  • Thank you for thinking of our clients and the critical March 31 deadline before starting your journey.
  • Thank you for your blogs. Although only two since June 8th is a little lame.
  • Thank you for the stories that MH published in our newsletter and on social media. Who would have thought that more people want to read about a thru hike of the AT than GASB 74 and 75?
  • Thank you for the many text messages on your location to update the trail map you generously gave me.
  • Thank you for inspiring me to “get out and hike”. This summer I hiked Monadnock and Cardigan with family and friends. That’s $10 to the charity of my choice!!
  • Thank you for teaching me what a gap is. I now know it is different than GAAP.
  • Thank you for resolving the months long dispute of what “slack packing“ is.
  • Thank you for changing my morning routine. Since April, this 50 year old has regularly checked Instagram for your latest photos. If you went more than a week without a post, I would get disappointed. Please suggest something new for me to follow.


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