Besides Tax Returns, What ELSE Can MH Do For You?

March 9th, 2020 • Blog


When most people think of accountants, their mind (typically) will go directly to the thought of tax returns. But our accountants at Melanson Heath are here to do more, and be more, than just that. Although we have a number of specialties, this article will explore the offerings of our commercial department and what more they can offer to you.

We approach each client situation first with a focus on their objectives and then with awareness of the total tax and financial position. Our combined experience and industry-specific knowledge allows us to deliver insights and innovations to our clients. These are needed to maintain compliance and drive you forward, as compliance presents an ongoing risk — one that demands constant monitoring of the regulatory landscape. As part of this, we offer other specialties to businesses of which most of our clients may not be aware.

Management Advisory
We provide consulting services for all stages of a company’s lifecycle and work with you as you grow your business and help you navigate to reach your goals. From assistance with entity selection to growing through mergers and acquisitions and ultimately, succession planning, our staff of experienced professionals is available for all your needs.

Business Valuations
Melanson Heath has a specialty in business valuation services with both certified valuation analysts (CVAs) and certified public accountants (CPAs) available to assist you. We work closely with individual business owners as well as legal and banking representatives on a multitude of valuation engagements and we serve as expert witnesses in court, mediation, and arbitration as needed.

Forensic and Fraud Services
Our forensic services combine accounting knowledge with investigative skills. Our professionals help guide your company through complicated issues such as dispute resolutions, fraud and employee embezzlement investigations, martial matters, and so much more.

Employee Benefit Plans
The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) requires certain employee benefit plans to file Form 5500, an Annual Return/Report of Employee Benefit Plans, with the Department of Labor (DOL) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS). As a member of the Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center, our dedicated commercial audit team is dedicated to providing quality ERISA services. These services include performing audits of employee benefit plans for DOL reporting purposes, Form 5500 preparation and review, representation in DOL and IRS examinations, and consulting on DOL and IRS compliance issues.

Trust and Estates
Melanson Heath has extensive experience in fiduciary accounting, tax compliance for estates and trusts, estate planning, and administration and gift tax planning, making us a valuable resource for our clients. We offer outsourced estate and trust tax compliance services for those who do not have full-time estate and trust professionals on staff. Our team works closely with clients, executors, trustees, investment advisors, and law firms on all affairs as needed.

Outsourced Commercial Accounting Services
Our client advisory services were created with small businesses in mind. Without a full-time, dedicated accounting department and CFO, it can be difficult for businesses to keep up with operating successfully in today’s fast-moving environment while providing management needs for accurate and timely financial reporting. We help streamline reporting, decipher key data to help increase profits, and measure the company’s overall performance.

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